October 2015 version of 'The Guide'

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October 2015 version of 'The Guide'

Post by mac.hawk » 14 Oct 2015, 20:13

The October 2015 version of 'The Guide' is now available. Re-walked the entire route in the last 13 days.

The signage on the small vertical stone at Swine Tail (Ingleborough) is still an issue, despite being repeatedly replaced - it continues to be vandalised/removed (who, what or why? ............... any suggestions greatly appreciated!).

'The Guide' is a comprehensive text guide to everything you need to know about completing the challenge - from 'what equipment should I take' to 'can I take the dog' via 'are there 'jump-out' points', 'how fit do I need to be?' etc along with a detailed, accurate & up-to-date route guide to this challenge.

''The Guide'' is available in 3 versions (as detailed below) and is supported by the 3 supplementary data files. A1 & A2 only will be emailed unless you specifically ask for any of the additional files.

A1: OS Grid reference points for the anti-clockwise guides from Horton & Ribblehead. Length - Imperial & Metric (section to section & cumulative). Time -12 hour - (section to section & cumulative) & 10 hour cumulative.

A2: The anti-clockwise route from Horton (the 'traditional' route).

A3: The anti-clockwise route from Ribblehead.

B1: OS Grid reference points for the clockwise guide from Horton. Length - Imperial & Metric (section to section and cumulative). Time -12 hour - (section to section & cumulative).

B2: The clockwise route from Horton (the reverse of the 'traditional' route).

C1: Simply distances (miles and kilometers) and projected times, from point to point & cumulative, using all 3 routes (anti-clockwise from Horton & Ribblehead and clockwise from Horton). Supports the 12 & 10 hours timescales anticlockwise from Horton & Ribblehead and the clockwise 12 hour timescale from Horton.

All available free (yup totally free - there IS no catch, spam, spyware, ads or anything rubbish) - all I ask is that if you find/found the guides useful you make whatever contribution you can afford (however large or small) to the local Cave & Mountain Rescue Service. There are collection boxes in the cafe/pubs in Horton, Clapham and at the Station Inn at Ribblehead and of course you can do it online http://cro.org.uk/.

I have also posted an incredibly truncated version of the 'From Ribblehead' route guide on the CarFreeWalks website http://www.carfreewalks.org/walks/1170/the_3_peaks.

For a copy of 'The Guide' simply email a request to me at mac.hawk@ntlworld.com.

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