First time walker of the 3 peaks.

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First time walker of the 3 peaks.

Post by Dolly » 15 Jan 2014, 18:40

Hi all. I am going t do the three peaks challenge in June and i just wanted to know everyone's thoughts regarding pre training, best equipment and what it will really take to get me up those peaks, I have never done anything like this before however i am a keen cyclist and I do enjoy running, Any advice would be smashing.

Thanks. :roll:

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Re: First time walker of the 3 peaks.

Post by Jonni_101 » 15 Jan 2014, 21:02

By the sounds of it you shouldn't have any problems completing this from a fitness point of view, although it's all dependant on weather and ground conditions as searing heat combined with trudging through boggs can drain a surprising amount of energy out of you.

Equipment wise, think basic;
A comfortable backback with sufficient food and water (try to go for snacks that you can nibble on as you walk)
Comfortable walking boots (a lot of people opt for running shoes which are great but risky when walking over uneven ground) - Last year i wore boots but took a pair of trainers which i switched to for the long hike from Pen-y-Ghent to Ribblehead, then switched back to boots.
And either a map, or the 3peaks guide which Mac.hawk kindly provides upon request.

Don't forget the rest of your cloths, of course! But what you take depends on weather at the time. Just keep it light and layer it up.

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Re: First time walker of the 3 peaks.

Post by grindle17 » 16 Jan 2014, 11:12

Hi there!

I am going to be a first time walker too - but just after you in July for British Heart Foundation! I'm pretty sure I have the fitness to do it comfortably, just about the endurance I think! So I have a 7 month general plan to make sure those 25 miles seem like a stroll in the park come mid-July! :shock:

If you are willing to share any tips/fitness ideas that you pick up on and keep each other up to date on the progress to the start of the event, that would be really great! Best of luck :)

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Re: First time walker of the 3 peaks.

Post by mac.hawk » 18 Jan 2014, 19:45

The following is a section directly lifted from the (current) January 2014 version of 'The Guide'.

The challenge is eminently do-able within the 12 hour timescale by most people that are healthy, rather than ‘fit’, and are adequately equipped with the appropriate clothing, equipment, food, fluid, map, guide etc.

It is a long walk, and that can take its toll both physically and mentally, especially if the weather conditions are less than good.

In my opinion (for what ‘it’s’ worth) ……it’s not the distance that will get you, it’s the steps.

If I were to give one simple piece of fitness advice to anyone attempting the challenge it would be to prepare for the ‘stepping’. There’s an awful lot of it on this challenge – both up and down hill - and any ‘training’ you can give the knees and thighs beforehand will be rewarded on the day.

Doesn’t matter where you ‘train’ – up/down the office or local flats staircase, local park steps, the Town Hall or railway station steps or by using a ‘step machine’ – some sort of prior training will help on the day.

Finally, if you have any sort of medical condition that puts you at risk during relatively hard/extreme exercise you need to seek medical advice before undertaking the challenge.

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