June edition of 'The Guide' (Version 2 - updated 11th June)

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June edition of 'The Guide' (Version 2 - updated 11th June)

Post by mac.hawk » 11 Jun 2014, 21:02


7th June: Rewalk of route sees that the ladder stile leading off/to Simon Fell Breast has been changed to a gate atop a stone step stile. Newly reflected in all versions of 'The Guide' and the 'Data' files A1 & B1.

1st June: A walk today from Horton over PyG, 'The Bog' & the surfaced route avoiding it has resulted in one minor change to 'The Guide'. The waymarker post immediately before St Oswalds church in Horton that had been missing for the last 6 months has now been replaced. Newly reflected in the anti-clockwise guides (doesn't really affect the clockwise version).

'The Guide'

A1: OS Grid reference points for the anti-clockwise guides from Horton & Ribblehead. Length - Imperial & Metric (section to section & cumulative).
Time -12 hour - (section to section & cumulative) & 10 hour cumulative.

A2: The anti-clockwise route from Horton (the 'traditional' route)

A3: The anti-clockwise route from Ribblehead

B1: OS Grid reference points for the clockwise guide from Horton. Length - Imperial & Metric (section to section and cumulative).
Time -12 hour - (section to section & cumulative)

B2: The clockwise route from Horton (the reverse of the 'traditional' route)

11.06.2014 New File

C1: Simply distances (miles and kilometers) and projected times, from point to point & cumulative, using all 3 routes (anti-clockwise from Horton & Ribblehead and clockwise from Horton). Supports the 12 & 10 hours timescales anticlockwise from Horton & Ribblehead and the clockwise 12 hour timescale from Horton.

All available free (yup totally free - there IS no catch, spam, spyware, ads or anything rubbish) - all I ask is that if you find/found the guides useful you make whatever contribution you can afford (however large or small) to the local Cave & Mountain Rescue Service. There are collection boxes in the cafe/pubs in Horton, Clapham and at the Station Inn at Ribblehead and of course you can do it online http://cro.org.uk/

Simply send an email request to me at mac.hawk@ntlworld.com and the files A1 & A2 will be sent as standard. The other files will be freely sent upon request.
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Re: June edition of 'The Guide' (Version 2 - updated 11th Ju

Post by The Moth » 02 Jul 2014, 20:50

Have completed the walk 14 times but I found this to be an excellent guide. For anyone who wants to know the route then this guide is essential reading. It is simply superb.

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