The August version of 'The Guide'

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The August version of 'The Guide'

Post by mac.hawk » 29 Jul 2013, 23:06

The August version of 'The Guide' is now available.

I have set out below what's on offer from August 1st 2013 - from which date you need to specifically request which guide you need.

The guides A2, A3 & B2 have timelines that are based on a 12 hour traverse of the route, the rest are ancillary files that support the main route guides.

Previously I have sent everything to anyone who has requested copies of 'The Guide', however due to the level of requests this is simply proving to be just too time consuming and I cannot give up most of my evenings responding to these and emailing all the files to everyone.

From August 1st 2013, unless you request specific files, you will be emailed, as default, the guide from Horton (A2), the supporting OS grid reference data file (A1) & the 10 hour timeline for the anti-clockwise walk (A5) only.

If you need any additional files please identify this in your email

There are now 8 files available.

A1: OS Grid reference points for the anti-clockwise guides from Horton & Ribblehead (Word 2003 format)
A2: The anti-clockwise route from Horton (the 'traditional' route) (Word 2003 format)
A3: The anti-clockwise route from Ribblehead (Word 2003 format)
A4: The pdf picture guide to the route avoiding 'The Bog' (pdf format)
A5: The 10 hour timeline to completing the challenge - anti-clockwise from Horton or Ribblehead (Excel 2003 format)

B1: OS Grid reference points for the clockwise guide from Horton (Word 2003 format)
B2: The clockwise route from Horton (the reverse of the 'traditional' route) (Word 2003 format)

The A4 PDF picture guide to avoiding 'The Bog' that I have previously included in all email responses this year I will not send unless specifically asked for, basically on the basis that it's now so well waymarked and is, to paraphrase 'Blackadder', 'as obvious as an obvious thing can be obvious', you don't really need the picture guide. The text to the route is covered in all of the three guides.

If you want to know a little more about 'The Guide' view viewtopic.php?f=4&t=117 which will give you an idea of what's on offer - though 'The Guide' has been updated since that posting.

'The Guide' and it's ancillary files are available by emailing me at

'The Guide' will be emailed to you on an evening (invariably) but I've lost count of the number of people who have emailed me with 'can I have a copy of 'The Guide' as I'm doing it tomorrow', well the answer is Yes, but it's been left a bit late!!
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Re: The August version of 'The Guide'

Post by hennypenny » 18 Aug 2013, 09:25

Having completed the challenge using this FREE guide and one I bought from Amazon, I have concluded this is the best guide!

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Re: The August version of 'The Guide'

Post by mac.hawk » 26 Aug 2013, 20:54

The following is a direct copy from an email I recently received r.e 'The Guide'...

Hi Martin,

I'm very pleased to say that your guide was very useful indeed. Thank you.

I had a quick read on the evening I received it and it seemed very comprehensive but, as they say, the proof of the pudding etc...

I printed it out and gave it to my colleague to use on the morning of our challenge (he wears spectacles all the time, whereas I only need them for reading).
He had not read it at this stage but, within minutes, we set off using only your guide (we did, of course, have a map and compass in the rucksacks).

From the start we found the guide was excellent and very detailed and we hit most of the 'milestones' at roughly the estimated time printed on the guide - we made time up on the downhills and 'flat' stretches and lost a little time on the uphills...

We found that the guide was straight forward and clear and at no time did we get confused, lost or even have to refer to the map & compass - in fact, on separate two occasions, we had to help other walkers who, despite having bought maps, expensive guides and GPS, were having difficulty finding the right route...

Anyway, we completed the challenge, thanks to your guide, within the 12 hours and, despite weary limbs and throbbing, but thankfully, blister free feet, were very pleased with ourselves.

Your guide could be read on the move, was very easy to understand and was accurate.

Thanks very much.


Nick Collins

PS. Please feel free to copy & paste this email into the Forum ( I did attempt to register but never received the activation email).

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