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They made it!

Posted: 17 Jun 2013, 19:19
by mjp823
Six months ago four ladies who I work with jioned a slimming club and between them lost over 10 stones! I asked them with their new found fitness if they fancied doing the three peaks, expecting a no I got a resounding yes, and we will do it for Pendelside Hospice. So the girls bought boots and we began training. We did local walks, increasing the distance each time, geting the girls off work at the same time was difficult but they all put the effort in. Now bearing in mind two of these ladies were 65 and they have never walked farther than the shops, I think it is quite an achievement that they finished. It took 17 hours but for me this is does not matter, the team finished! I'd like to thank Mac for his new route and the web site, I have never followed a weather forecast so closely.