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Split timings

Posted: 06 Jun 2013, 15:36
by groovelands
Hello, I'm wondering if anyone can suggest some split timings? If we are planning to walk the three peaks in 12 hours, in what time might we reasonably expect to reach the road at ribblehead and then the Hill Inn? It would be good to know that either we are either on track or that we need to pick the pace up a bit. Thanks.

Re: Split timings

Posted: 15 Jun 2013, 13:07
by Tengallonalan
Hi there, I have done the three peaks a few times and use an Android app called 'JogTracker' I cant post a link here but if you supply your Email address I will send you the plotted route which is over a google map with time markers.

Hope this helps

Alan :D

Re: Split timings

Posted: 11 Jan 2014, 22:48
by mac.hawk
Split timings appear in 'The Guide' and are based on a 12 hour timescale (either way from Horton & anti-clockwise from Ribblehead), there's also a 10 hour data sheet guide available for the anti-clockwise route (from Horton or Ribblehead), look in the 3 Peaks Challenge section of this forum for the availability of 'The Guide' and the 10 hour data file.