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Posted: 19 May 2013, 13:27
by mjp823
Walked the three peaks last weekend to check out the new section avioding the bog. I am leading a group from work in
June so I wanted to make sure I knew the route. It was on the summit of Penyghent whilst having a brew I counted over 20 banana skins! As well as other items of litter. Have we got a colony of monkeys on the peaks! WHY can't people just take their rubbish home?

mjp :x

Re: Bananas!

Posted: 21 May 2013, 19:42
by mac.hawk
mjp823 it's beyond me too!!! You've got to make some sort of effort to get up PyG and you'd think people of that pursuasion would be more environmentally aware and would take their rubbish with them!

As an aside, I did once see a sheep on PyG summit, some years ago, eat a discarded banana - skin and all!! Wasn't from our party (the sheep or the banana!).

Re: Bananas!

Posted: 26 Oct 2013, 23:08
by mac.hawk
I've posted a comment in the 3 Peaks Challenge section of the Forum r.e. litter (viewtopic.php?f=4&t=185) which has particular reference to banana skins being left on the summits and their biodegradable ability.