Scrambling/Climbing Perspective

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Scrambling/Climbing Perspective

Post by jackal23 » 13 May 2018, 21:41

Hi everyone.

Apologies if this is a lame question but could really do with some advice from anyone with experience of doing the challenge.

I am planning to do this with some friends later in the summer. I've been training and am generally fit and healthy. The length and walking etc is not what worries me

I only have one arm, this generally does not restrict me in any sort of exercise or activity. However I am worried about forms of climbing where 2 hands would generally be needed :-)

Do any of the scrambles involve any sort of hardcore climbing or are they more just mind your step and use hand/s for balance type of scrambles.

I've googled a few images and videos of the scrambles and they look fine but wanted to hear from people who have done it.

Really appreciate anyone's perspective. Cheers

three peaks
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Re: Scrambling/Climbing Perspective

Post by three peaks » 14 May 2018, 23:26

Whilst the route does get a little steep in places there are no scrambles of the type that you will find in a guide book on scrambling. True, there are short stretches where I would instinctively start using hands, but nothing that should cause you concern. In winter it might be more of a problem, but in summer I would not worry at all. Just take someone with you - and nobody should really do it alone - and I am sure you will get around fine.

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