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Sat 13th April Will the snow be gone?

Posted: 10 Apr 2013, 10:05
by fiscully
Hi, There are are six of us doing the challenge this weekend. I did it last year in March so have great respect for the unpredictable Yorkshire landscape. I am worried that there may be snow still around and that the going will also be very wet. We will be avoiding the bog this year- I still laugh at the vision of my hubby disappearing up to his waist in mud last year!
Two of us are healthy but not very fit and the other four go from fit to marathon runner.
We got lost twice last year so this year we have our GPS and the April guide and I am assuming that there will be more walkers as its later in the year who we can follow.
Part of me thinks we need a spell of calm dry weather to get the best conditions and should postpone. Any guidance?