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Rail Timetable from 20th May 2018

Posted: 26 Apr 2018, 22:39
by mac.hawk
The summer 2018 rail timetable will be introduced on 20th May 2018 and there appears to be major changes to the Leeds-Settle-Carlisle line timetable.

Provisional details are available on the Settle-Carlisle Partnership website at but they don't look very promising for 3 Peakers using the train from West Yorkshire.

Once the timetable has been formerly released I'll post details of how this will affect we 3 Peakers who use the train to access the area.

Re: Rail Timetable from 20th May 2018

Posted: 11 May 2018, 22:48
by mac.hawk
OK, now I've had a look at the new timetable it's apparent that from the Leeds (West Yorkshire) end there's now a timeline of over 12 hours every day of the week (yes, now even on a Sunday!). With a max timeline of (approx) 15 hours Mon-Fri, 14 hours Sat & 12 hours on a Sun.

From the Carlisle end the timelines are much the same as was - 12 hours Mon-Fr & 10 hours on a Sat.

Travellers from the West Yorkshire end should review the new timetable (at and select Timetable 07) as the former 08.49 service from Leeds has been replaced by services at 07.48 & 09.19.

Return travellers should note that the last train from Ribblehead will leave at 21.45 (as opposed to 21.00) to arrive in Leeds at 23.12 - just in time to see your local connecting service leave the platform - whoever thought that one up needs x!*&$?£*