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desperate for some local advice about this weekend 23 March

Posted: 21 Mar 2013, 08:33
by 1jboxer
Hello, can anyone help with some advice please?.

I have 14 walkers who have planned this weekend's jaunt for over three months in an effort to raise funds for our junior rugby club. We really don't want to have to cancel but we are very nervously watching the weather forecasts and the web-cams. Some of us have done the three peaks before in benign conditions but we also have several inexperienced walkers. As the organiser I have a responsibility to make sure people are safe and to provide them with good information to help them decide if they want to make the journey or not (it will take us 5 hour to get there and 5 hours back).

We will come prepared with good warm clothing and a will to succeed but we also need to bring our sensible heads. It salos sounds form mthe forecasts that we might not gwet anywhere near a mountain at this rate!

Can anyone provide any information or advice about how achievable this is likely to be for us this weekend?

Many thanks


Re: desperate for some local advice about this weekend 23 Ma

Posted: 21 Mar 2013, 19:49
by mac.hawk
Personally, given your projected 5 hour drive to/from the area, I'd give it a miss. Friday's forecast is for heavy snow at times with sub zero temperatures with a severe wind chill making it feel like -10 and 50 mph gusts of wind in places.

Saturdays forecast is for less snow but the same sort of wind chill and gusts.

Both days are expected to have poor or very poor visibility.

Sunday would appear to be a better day, mainly as the wind is expected to drop marginally and the visibility is expected to be good to very good.

All details gathered from the met office website (the link takes you to the forecast for Brackenbottom (Horton)) ... 1363867200 - you should also keep an eye on the same websites Mountain Area Forecast page.

In my opinion, anyone attempting this weekend should have cleats (ice grippers) for their footware and ideally at least one walking pole. A GPS would be helpful if you've not done the route before as it will give you a bearing on where you are on the route if visibility is that poor locating landmarks on the map is difficult.

If you see my previous posting, 3 fit women attempted last Saturday and only completed 2 and it took them 9 and a half hours! If you did attempt and similarly had to abandon would it really have been worth the 10 hours of travel time?

I honestly wouldn't take a group of inexperienced walkers over the route this weekend.

Re: desperate for some local advice about this weekend 23 Ma

Posted: 21 Mar 2013, 20:26
by 1jboxer
Brilliant, thanks Martin - very very helpfu.