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April 2017 update of 'The Guide'

Posted: 10 Apr 2017, 23:09
by mac.hawk
The April 2017 update of 'The Guide' is now available, there are a few new small 'touches' to 'The Guide', including an update to the (now direct) rail service from Carlisle.

For details of 'The Guide' please see the 'March 2016 version of 'The Guide' posting on this forum.

For the April 2017 update please email a request to me at

Late April Update: I was intending to walk the remaining 2017 unwalked section of the route - over Ingleborough from Chapel le Dale to Horton - on Friday 28th April, however industrial action by RMT has resulted in a rail service that wont support this on the day. Will try to get over this section of the route in early May.