September 2016 edition of 'The Guide'

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September 2016 edition of 'The Guide'

Post by mac.hawk » 10 Sep 2016, 21:07

Following my recent re-walk of the whole route the September 2016 edition of 'The Guide' is now available.

The main amendment is to reflect the new flagging at Swine Tail on the approach to/descent of Ingleborough summit plateau.

'The Guide' is currently not available as a direct download, it is only available by emailing a request to myself at

For details of 'The Guide' please see the 'March 2016 version of 'The Guide' posting on this forum.

Please note that in future 'The Guide' will, in all likelihood, be updated a lot less frequently that it has since I initially made it available (exclusively) via this website in October 2011. During this period 'The Guide' has been updated often on monthly basis (occasionally bi-monthly) as changes to the route have demanded. However we've reached a point where I feel I can now add little to 'The Guide' as the route will not change and probably the only thing left to reflect will be any changes to the state of the footpath (inevitably more flagging!) and maybe the few stiles that are left being changed to gates. Additionally, personal circumstances mean I can no longer afford the expense of traveling up to the area in the frequency I previously did, both from the financial and time consuming aspects.

Updating of 'The Guide' is not abandoned, it's just going to be less frequent.

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