Over PyG to complete the circle

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Over PyG to complete the circle

Post by mac.hawk » 09 Sep 2016, 22:43

Today's hike took me from Horton Rly Station to Ribblehead Rly station over the 3 Peaks route avoiding 'The Bog' thus completing the 3 Peaks route over the last couple or so weeks.

There are a couple of minor improvements along the route that unless you're familiar with it you'll probably not notice.

The immediate ascent of PyG from Brackenbottom that was seriously badly rutted has had some attention to level it out.

The step stile just before you reach Brackenbotton Scar is still a concern. The wall to the left of it has been in need of repair for the last 18 months and currently has a horizontally open gap of approx 3ft(w)x2ft(h) adjacent the stile. My concern is that the wall will collapse as someone is using the stile and they, or someone with them might get injured in the process.

There's a very short section on the immediate descent of PyG that has had a bit of stepped flagging.

The overall picture to me is that the initial descent from PyG really does need some attention given to it. The 'cut the corner' troop have provided a 10-20ft wide morass of a mush route. The 'use the grassy bank on the left' of the stoney route are extending the erosion wider and wider and the 'paved' path could be identified better and ends 2/3rds of the way down the initial descent.

Additionally the surfaced route up and over Whitber & Sell Gill Hills is beginning to show it's pain, the shale has been dispersed badly in many places, revealing the underneath bedding and needs a bit of attention.

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