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More Flagging!

Posted: 25 Aug 2016, 19:46
by mac.hawk
It's been a while since my hiking feet took me over the 3 Peaks summits but yesterday I did the Chapel le Dale to Horton section over Ingleborough and can report that the section at the immediate end of the 'staircase' to the end of Swine Tail (to where the path veers right to access the summit plateau) is in the process of being step flagged, looks like it'll probably be finished in the autumn.

I'm not a great lover of flagging but I think in this situation the correct option has been made as the route was so badly eroded.

I took photo's but unfortunately the website's got a problem uploading these at the moment.

Additionally signage to indicate the route to Horton & Chapel le Dale has been replaced on the vertical stone near the top of Swine Tail.