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First Time 3 Peaks

Posted: 14 Aug 2012, 12:11
by bignoserose
I am wanting to do the Yorkshire 3 Peaks for the first time. Can you give me any advice and is it too late in the year to go do it at the end of September? Thanks

Re: First Time 3 Peaks

Posted: 14 Aug 2012, 21:42
by mac.hawk
All the advice you could ever need is in the 'Latest Revision of the Guide' page in the Forum. Simply email the address as indicated in the article. Is it do-able late September? It all depends on your expected walking speed. The back end of September gives an approximate 12 hour time from sunrise to sunset (approx 6am to 6 pm), although weather conditions will affect the quality of daylight, but bear in mind the light doesn't just 'go' at sunset. If you're a regular hiker of say, 15 miles or so (and can do that in about 5-6 hours), you shouldn't have a problem as the route, whilst being long, should be very achievable in under 12 hours if the elements aren't really against you.

Re: First Time 3 Peaks

Posted: 30 Aug 2012, 12:05
by rwallace
I did the challenge at the beginning of August, with one of my daughters, but my experience might be relevant. Two things to begin with: first, mac.hawk's route guide is absolutely superb - no-one should do the walk without it; second, we did complete the challenge within 12 hours, as a result of which I am completely smug and self-satisfied, because, whatever the young lads do, that's not bad when you're 70 (like me). Having said that, we made really good time on the first half (though avoiding the bog), which is really a doddle. On the whole, we found the climbing sections easier that the descending ones. In particular, the last steep ascent up Ingleborough, which some seem to regard as horrendous, we almost ran up. I think the human race may be divided into "going-up" people and "going -down" people! However, at the top of Ingleborough the rain began, and as a result the limestone pavements on the way down were as slippery as ice - quite lethal really. We lost a lot of time on that section, as a result of which, instead of completing well within the time, as it happened we just about made it with minutes to spare. The moral of which is, expect the unexpected so far as weather is concerned, don't underestimate the effect that bad weather conditions will have on your pace, and remember that different people walk at different paces on different sections. But it was a great experience. Do it!

Re: First Time 3 Peaks

Posted: 30 Aug 2012, 17:28
by charlieslater
I did the walk last weekend. Was surprised how quiet it was but came to a few conclusions about posts that I had read here before setting off.
1) Anybody who says they kept dry through the bog is at best deluding themselves. Every 6th/7th step finished up over the knee.
2)Whernside has to be the most boring hill in the world...ever. (To be fair it was tipping it down from the viaduct until half way down the other side so there were no views)
3) Anybody even at 20 (which I am not) who says they can practically can run up the last section of Inglebrough needs to go to the hospital and have a doc to look at his head. Did I imagine it or was it almost vertical ?
Over all hated the walk, came back knackered having seen hardly any views. So you can rest assured that I will be doing it again asap. Must be insane...........I LOVED IT!
Anybody who has done it knows what I mean.

Re: First Time 3 Peaks

Posted: 30 Aug 2012, 18:58
by rwallace
I agree about Whernside - seriously boring.

Going up Ingleborough - well, "run" is a bit of an exaggeration, but I was rather apprehensive about it, having read so many lurid reports, but really, vertical though it is, I just went straight up it, no bother. I found the long slog up to the foot of the vertical bit much more trying. It depends, I suppose on whether you are a "going up" person or a "going down" person.

Re: First Time 3 Peaks

Posted: 30 Aug 2012, 22:54
by admin
Whernside boring?

Have you visited the limestone pavement at Twisleton Scar?
Dropped down into Kingsdale and ended up in a Dent pub?
Continued along the ridge and watched the sun setting?
Gone for a dip in the tarns?

12 hour challenge all well and good, but take time to stop and look around.

Re: First Time 3 Peaks

Posted: 30 Aug 2012, 23:18
by mac.hawk

1. Totally agree

2. Totally disagree

3.Totally agree

As for 2, you don't have to embrace the ROW on the hill, you can wander all over it.

In the context of the 3 Peaks walk Whernside, if you start from Horton and do PyG first, it can seem somewhat tedious from leaving PyG summit across the bog (or the alternative) to reaching Whernside summit.Whernside has a lot to offer other than the 3 Peaks route. Greensett Tarn, Whernside Tarns, the route from/to the summit from Twistleton Scar End (and Ingleton) is fabulous, the route up/down from Kingsdale from near White Shaw Moss is a good option and on a good day, from the summit, you get a great view of the distant eastern Lake District peaks and Morecambe Bay. Boring? On a wet, windy day when you're on a long challenge with limited visibitly - I can see that it feels like it but really it's not that bad.

Re: First Time 3 Peaks

Posted: 01 Sep 2012, 19:44
by charlieslater
Fully accept all of the above,which is why I have to do it again. Visibility was next to nill for almost all of the assent. If my legs hadn't been hurting I would not have even known I was on a hill.