March 2016 version of 'The Guide'

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March 2016 version of 'The Guide'

Post by mac.hawk » 01 Mar 2016, 19:09

The March 2016 version of 'The Guide' is now available. Re-walked the entire route in late February 2016.

The main changes are, the addition of the A4 file is (relatively) new, there's a new waypost at Nether Lodge and I've also added a note r.e. the landslide north of Appleby that will affect rail travelers journeying from north of Appleby plus the slightest of 'tweaks' in the text here and there.

If you've already had a copy of the January or February 2016 version you don't really need the newer version.

'The Guide' is a comprehensive text guide to everything you need to know about completing the challenge - from 'what equipment should I take' to 'can I take the dog' via 'are there 'jump-out' points', 'how fit do I need to be?' etc along with a detailed, accurate & up-to-date route guide to this challenge.

''The Guide'' is available in 4 versions (as detailed below) and is supported by the 3 supplementary data files. A1 & A2 only will be emailed unless you specifically ask for any of the additional files.

A1: OS Grid reference points for all the anti-clockwise guides (from Horton, Ribblehead & Chapel le Dale. Length - Imperial & Metric (section to section & cumulative). Time -12 hour - (section to section & cumulative) & 10 hour cumulative (the latter not available for the Chapel le Dale start).

A2: The anti-clockwise route from Horton (the 'traditional' route).

A3: The anti-clockwise route from Ribblehead.

A4: The anti-clockwise route from Chapel le Dale

B1: OS Grid reference points for the clockwise guide from Horton. Length - Imperial & Metric (section to section and cumulative). Time -12 hour - (section to section & cumulative).

B2: The clockwise route from Horton (the reverse of the 'traditional' route).

C1: Simply distances (miles and kilometers) and projected times, from point to point & cumulative, using all 3 routes (anti-clockwise from Horton & Ribblehead and clockwise from Horton). Supports the 12 & 10 hours timescales anticlockwise from Horton & Ribblehead and the clockwise 12 hour timescale from Horton.

All available free (yup totally free - there IS no catch, spam, spyware, ads or anything rubbish) - all I ask is that if you find/found the guides useful you make whatever contribution you can afford (however large or small) to the local Cave & Mountain Rescue Service. There are collection boxes in the cafe/pubs in Horton, Clapham, at the Station Inn at Ribblehead and the Old Hill Inn at Chapel le Dale. You can also donate online at

I have also posted an incredibly truncated version of the 'From Ribblehead' route guide on the CarFreeWalks website

For a copy of 'The Guide' simply email a request to me at

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Re: March 2016 version of 'The Guide'

Post by The Moth » 02 Mar 2016, 12:04

As ever Mac - excellent stuff.

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