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Walking the Yorkshire 3 peaks question

Posted: 12 Aug 2015, 20:49
by Manny
I'm due to do the Y3p on Saturday and was reading the notes about clocking in and out at the cafe. Im thinking of setting off at about 7 or just before, but if I dont make it back before the cafe closes then it says the rescue services may be called out. Now the cafe clsoes at 5.30 so if it takes me 12 hrs i;ll be back after the cafe closes. I dont want to get the rescue services out un necessarily. :shock:

Re: Walking the Yorkshire 3 peaks question

Posted: 23 Aug 2015, 22:24
by mac.hawk
It's an 'after the event' comment I'm afraid.

Found an old post at that shows the 'rescue service' was/is 'apparently' currently not available.

Personally I've never used - or felt the need to use - the cafe's 'clocking in/out' service. but for anyone who's also pondered Manny's poser - one would have thought you should contact the cafe well before your attempt and seek their advice; contact details are on this website.