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Latest news 24.07.2015

Posted: 24 Jul 2015, 21:16
by mac.hawk
Walked the Ribblehead to Horton section (over W & I) today, 24th July 2015 and can report the following...........

There's going to be more flagging of the Whernside path as you descend towards Bruntscar.

There's going to be flagged sections as you descend Ingleborough towards the old derelict Shooting Hut either side of the short duckboard section.

In both cases the flags are currently laying adjacent the path waiting to be set.

Additionally the signage at Swine Tail has been vandalised and removed - the 3 Peaks Park Ranger tells me that the signage will be remounted shortly

See photo's, the latter reflected in the late July version of 'The Guide'.

Re: Latest news 24.07.2015

Posted: 27 Jul 2015, 13:13
by The Moth
The flags will certainly assist on the descents - I know they're not everyone's cup of tea but can see the benefits on both of these stretches. Would be helpful if you were ascending this was as well.

Re: Latest news 24.07.2015

Posted: 27 Jul 2015, 19:31
by mac.hawk
Yes. yes ................ but I'm not sure how many more steps these old knees can take in a day!!

And below is part of a reply I've had from the 3 Peaks Park Ranger..............

'Flagging – (in an) ideal world we would have a nice grassy path, the sun would shine on it to dry it out, people would walk on it all year… On the steeper sections it’s currently the least worst option Martin, although expensive. Once the flags are in they need little maintenance, making them a sound investment from my perspective. I do understand where you are coming from though'.

Re: Latest news 24.07.2015

Posted: 25 Sep 2015, 19:06
by mac.hawk
Was up in the area again today and there's been no movement on the flagging on Whernside, the flags are still laying adjacent the path.