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'The Guide', The Website & the Forum

Posted: 16 Apr 2015, 23:49
by mac.hawk
As you might expect I get a regular number of email requests for copies of the latest version of 'The Guide'. A number of these requests assume that the Website & Forum are administered by myself (Mac.Hawk).

Just to make things very clear I want to make it plain that I do not administer the website or the Forum, the website & Forum are currently overseen by Simon on behalf of the YDNPA.

I (Mac.Hawk) am simply an enthusiastic, experienced (in 3 Peaks terms) individual who loves the 3 Peaks area and who is more than happy to offer help & advice to those visiting the area or embarking on 'The Challenge'.

'The Guide' is soley my own creation and not connected in anyway whatsoever to the 3 Peaks website or the YDNPA.

I am more than happy to send anyone copies of whichever format of 'The Guide' you wish to receive but can I ask that if you have further questions about 'The Challenge' or the 3 Peaks area would you please ask them in the Forum.

In the past I've been guilty of answering any questions sent with requests for 'The Guide' directly to the individual but have now decided to curtail that as I feel these should really be asked in the Forum as otherwise the Forum starts to look 'dead', and I am sure there other enthusiasts of the area who can answer your questions as ably as I.

Re: 'The Guide', The Website & the Forum

Posted: 17 Apr 2015, 15:37
by The Moth
You still do a fantastic job though - The Guide is SUPERB.