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recording your challenge at the Cafe problem

Posted: 07 May 2012, 23:37
by bellyno1
A group of 5 of us completed the 3 peaks challenge on the 2nd of May, due to us rushing to set off early we only posted a group name and size at the cafe in error instead of listing all the inividuals names, we were informed the following day that due to this error we could not apply for the 3 peaks certificate as we had not listed the individuals names, whilst accepting it was our error it did seem a little petty that this could not be rectified as it seemed all that had been done was that the cafe had hand written down our start time on their log sheet. Does anybody know or have any suggestions how we can resolve this as the man working in the cafe was particulally unhelpful at the time regarding this?

Re: recording your challenge at the Cafe problem

Posted: 08 May 2012, 12:25
by three peaks
You could try contacting the cafe's owners.

or join the Friends of the Three Peaks run by the national park. They have certificates, medals etc.

Re: recording your challenge at the Cafe problem

Posted: 08 May 2012, 20:28
by mac.hawk
To be honest I wouldn't bother. I've done the challenge a dozen times and have yet to log in/out at the PyG Cafe, I don't really see what the point is. You know of your achievement, your fellow walkers know it so what's the problem?

If you feel you really do need certificates try the web page from the YDNPA at ... ... threepeaks

You'll find printable certificates for climbing each mountain and for successfully completing the challenge.

I have a home made one (in MSWord 2003 format) that I present to those that have completed the challenge with me which you're more than welcome to have a copy of, just drop me an email at

Re: recording your challenge at the Cafe problem

Posted: 21 Oct 2012, 10:29
by justgoingforawalk
We had a similar experience with the cafe yesterday. I set off early with my 9 year old and I didn't fill in the forms before I left - I didn't realise that you could when the cafe wasn't open. Just over nine hours later a very elated 9 year old asked if he could join the club to be met with utter refusal from the extraordinarily unhelpful cafe staff. There is no longer any mountain rescue attached to the signing in procedure and there is no guarantee that you have actually completed the challenge in the time you say you have, so why on earth are they so intransigent. I wouldn't have minded at all, but I had a very tearful little boy and felt rather deflated by the whole experience. On top of which they then charged £2.60 for a cup of ginger cordial... what a nasty little place. Thank you to those posters who have told me where to get alternative certificates - I think we should ensure that these are more widely known and that the silly nature of the cafe "club" should also be exposed.

Re: recording your challenge at the Cafe problem

Posted: 21 Oct 2012, 19:09
by mac.hawk
Baring in mind my comment as previously posted, I have to say that whilst I appreciate they have to draw the line somewhere otherwise anyone could just turn up and say they'd done the challenge, this does seem a little harsh. Having an elated but tired child in tears can't be right and surely something could have been done to recognise his fantastic achievement even if it wasn't 'officially' (ho-hum!) recorded.

I really do have to say that a nine year old getting round in a touch over 9 hours is a fabulous effort. Both he, you and whoever else was in your party should be very, very proud.

Glad you found the certificate site useful.

It's a shame the website no longer stocks the sew on badges as one of these would have been great to sew on his backpack or whatever. I was told recently by the marketing section of the YDNPA that there will be a new 3 Peaks clothing line launched shortly so maybe when it is, a 3 Peaks t-shirt would be a nice reward (the last lot were very good quality - I bought 5!)

Re: recording your challenge at the Cafe problem

Posted: 21 Oct 2012, 20:07
by justgoingforawalk
Thanks for your kind comments mac.hawk.
I have given my son a certificate from the YDNPA site and ordered a little badge too - I will certainly keep an eye on their three peaks merchandise - not least because the money goes back into looking after the national park - much more worthy than the cafe (still feeling cross a day later).
He is a great little walker - but I think children are generally capable of more than we tend to think and love the idea of a challenge. We loved the walk up Ingleborough so much that we are planning to go back with his little siblings.