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Three Peaks Souvenir Map

Posted: 06 Jan 2015, 14:48
by Clearviewmapping
Hi Everyone
On the back of a map I drew for a friend of Kilimanjaro I thought I would draw a similar one for the Yorkshire Three Peaks. Its more arty than OS map. Its meant as a souvenir map to be printed out and it can be personalised with the date, time completed the walk.
I would like feedback on the map and if anyone would be interested in buying one.

Re: Three Peaks Souvenir Map

Posted: 09 Jan 2015, 11:40
by mac.hawk
Firstly, I like the map.

If you're thinking of retailing it I think it needs a few extra bits and bobs. I'd suggest spot height-ing each peak and maybe a few others in the area covered. It would be a good idea to identify Ribblehead and Chapel le Dale too (not everyone starts/finishes at Horton). If your aiming this at people who have undertaken/completed 'the 12 hour challenge' a trace of the route would also be helpful and as such change 'climbed' to 'completed'.

Finally, it has to be in colour really, shades of ... green? ... brown?

Hope it helps

Re: Three Peaks Souvenir Map

Posted: 09 Jan 2015, 20:40
by Clearviewmapping
Thanks for your comments mac.
Yes I didn't think about the people not starting at Horton. I will add these to the map and also show it in different colours.

The wording can be what ever people want to show. Some people might want to put the time that it was completed in.

I would like to show the map a little smaller next time as it came across a little too large.