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It's here! The REAL way avoiding the bog

Posted: 05 May 2012, 20:56
by mac.hawk
Went across my Alternative Way Avoiding The Bog yesterday and found a planning application nailed to the waymarker post at Tarn Bar for the YDNPA to be given permission for the 'creation of two sections of engineered footpath with one timber footbridge'.

You can find details of this at ... ibblesdale

In the Attached Files section the APP is the text application, PLA shows specific mapping of the route and the type of bridge and engineered surface to be used, DEC is the decision made i.e approved subject to some minor conditions.

I think this is brilliant news, and whilst no work can start until after 31st July it's something to really look forward to.

Aug 2014 Note: The above web link is no longer available.

Re: It's coming! The REAL way avoiding the bog

Posted: 11 Aug 2012, 20:37
by mac.hawk
I'm told the work has already started and that the top layer of grass etc has been removed and the base layer is now going down (many thanks to Nick S for this information).

Re: It's coming! The REAL way avoiding the bog

Posted: 15 Aug 2012, 21:16
by mac.hawk
Latest posting on the YDNPA website regarding the project can be found here ... hree-peaks

Aug 2014 update: the above weblink is no longer available

Re: It's coming! The REAL way avoiding the bog

Posted: 30 Sep 2012, 14:44
by trailmale
hi all
did the 3 peaks route on 30/09/12 and can confirm the awaited alternative shingle path from the top of horton lane to sell gill is now in place and operational, our party decided to try this new alternative due to all the recent heavy rain and i can guarrantee your boots will stay a lot drier. of course purists/masoscists (delete as appropriate) will still do the boggy route :D