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Post by mac.hawk » 09 Aug 2014, 23:16

I visited the revamped website of the Clapham Cave (and Mountain) Rescue Organisation today -

Whilst I often look at the 'news' & 'recent incidents' section, today was the first time I've looked at the 'Just Giving' link from the website (via How You Can Help Us/Fundraising/Donate Online) and nearly fell off the chair in surprise as (currently) a couple of the featured entries (from DL & Spearmark) make generous donations in thanks for 'The Guide' & from a group I lead on the route in June 2014.

I am quite humbled by the thanks (and comments) and the donations.

Feb 2015 addendeum: Timeline of the 'Just Giving' section has removed the above comments but the following (original comment on the posting) still stands...............

I would like to add that if you have donated, either via the website or any of the collection tubs in the pubs or cafes in the area, thankyou ever so much.
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Re: Thankyou

Post by Manny » 31 Aug 2014, 18:11

a worthy cause, as theyre often called out to incidents. I donate my old printer cartridges to them as well as those of my friends and work colleagues. You can also send your old mobile phones off to help contribute. You dont send them to CRO theres a company that does all the processing and sends the cash to CRO.

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