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Hydration this weekend - looks hot!

Posted: 22 Jul 2014, 17:17
by Ian Littleford
Afternoon, wonder if I could ask advice around liquid stops. I am leading a team of 16 this weekend on this challenge, have done it twice before but not since 2012, and on each occasion there was a tea van at Whernside then another on a farm track nearing Ingleborough. I just wondered if this was still the case as we have no support vehicle so have to carry what we will need from the start in Horton. Having seen a forecast today for the weekend it is looking decidedly warm so just wanted to see if anyone had done the challenge recently and could confirm if they were still there to top up on refreshments? Would welcome any feedback :)

Re: Hydration this weekend - looks hot!

Posted: 22 Jul 2014, 20:27
by mac.hawk
The refreshment at van at Ribblehead is invariably there on most - if not every - weekend during late spring through to late autumn. If needed you could detour (or maybe one or two of the fitter people in the party could) to the Station Inn at Ribblehead (usual pub prices i.e. it won't come cheap) or the railway station Visitor Centre at Ribblehead (opens at 10.30) where you'll find fluid much cheaper.

The lovely ladies (and they have always been both on all my passing's over the years) at the Snack Bar at Philpin will indeed be open until at least 5pm offering you food, fluid and a toilet stop (although be prepared for a long queue for the toilet as the day will be busy).

The Old Hill Inn at Chapel le Dale is also available but like the Station Inn at Ribblehead you're looking at pub prices.

Re: Hydration this weekend - looks hot!

Posted: 22 Jul 2014, 23:28
by Ian Littleford
Brill thanks for this, looks like a hot one, as a balding ginger my biggest nightmare haha :) :lol: :lol: :lol: