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Hello , new member

Posted: 29 Jun 2014, 17:07
by Manny
Hi there everyone. Im going to be doing , or attempting to do the Y3P on the 16th August in aid of North West Air Ambulance. Im doing this alone so I have a few questions.

They recommend taking 4 litres of water which I think may be a tad heavy to carry so , has anyone any experience of the Pub at Ribblehead having plentiful supply of water , so that I only need to carry 2 litres from Horton via PYG to Ribblehead, the same at the other pub before the ascent of Ingleborough

Ive done the 3 peaks individually but never at the same time and my times are as follows.

Horton to PYG summit 1 Hr 10
PYG summit to the crossroads of the paths ( where it goes left to Horton) 45 mins
The Viaduct to Whernside summit in 1 hr 30
Whernside to bruntscar descent in 45 min
start of Ingleborough ascent form the main road to summit in 1 hr 20
Summit of Ingleborough to Horton station in 2 hrs 10

Now the pieces I havent walked are the bit between bruntscar and the main road and the crossroads to the viaduct which make up approx 7 miles (ish)

Based on my times above, would you say that I could complete it in 12 hrs? Obviously taking into account of getting more and more tired as I go along

Last question, for now anyway, Im using them 1000 mile socks plus dusting teh inside of my socks with baby powder to try and avoid blisters. Also Im going to change socks at each summit. Is this plan of attack something any of you guys have done.

Sorry for all the questions .

Thanks for reading

Re: Hello , new member

Posted: 29 Jun 2014, 18:59
by mac.hawk
Your split times look fine in relation to a 12 hour timescale.

'The Guide' (which I'll be emailing you once I've finished this reply) gives a timeline within it based on the 12 hour timescale and the data sheet gives times based on 10 & 12 hour timescales for the anti-clockwise routes from Horton & Ribblehead.

'The Guide' covers fluid too - including how much to take if not replenishing along the route and locations to refill should you need to. As you're going on a Saturday (and assuming a Horton start) you can replenish at Ribblehead at either the Station Inn or Ribblehead railway station visitor centre both of which require a little detour. Additionally there's invariably a refreshment van at the junction of the Blea Moor and Gauber roads.

Once you've descended Whernside the Snack Bar at Philpin will be open where (cheap) fluid can be bought or at The Old Hill Inn.

How much you need is a very individual thing and you need to take into consideration the weather. 4 litres seems somewhat excessive however. I completed the challenge on the 6th June (cool, wet weather) and only got through a litre and a half of fluid yet on other occasions when the weathers been very hot I've taken 3 litres and would have been grateful to have had a little more.

Socks I've never changed en-route and never had a blister yet. There is a theory that that wearing a thin undersock in addition to a hiking sock will help prevent blisters but really your boots should be well walked in prior to your attempt.

Re: Hello , new member

Posted: 29 Jun 2014, 20:06
by Manny
Fantastic response, many thanks. Im going to take 2 litres with me and then replenish at either of them points you mentioned. I forgot about the railway stattion, good call! I suppose them 1000 mile socks work on a similar principle, ie one sock inside the other? Yes Im going on Saturday and yes Im starting at Horton, albeit at 7am hopefully instead of the 8am usual one. :D

Re: Hello , new member

Posted: 29 Jun 2014, 21:10
by mac.hawk
Another thought has come to me regarding fluid which I've now incorporated into 'The Guide' is, that whilst on any hike (not just the 3Ps) I invariably take some sort of non-fizzy sports/isotonic drink as my main fluid I always take a bottle of plain water (minimum 500ml) as well. Not just as a (final) fluid intake but also in case I need to wash a wound out.

Re: Hello , new member

Posted: 29 Jun 2014, 23:10
by Manny
some people suggest popping them electrolyte pills into plain water to replenish salts you lose during sweating. Thanks for the guide, its very informative and a credit to you. top man! ;) ;)

Re: Hello , new member

Posted: 29 Jun 2014, 23:48
by mac.hawk
Appreciate the comment but I'd be very wary about anyone adding any supplements to any food/drink that they take that is not within the scope of their usual diet. Seek advice from your doctor or a qualified nutritionalist prior to using such.

Re: Hello , new member

Posted: 19 Jul 2014, 12:17
by anncjones
in response to taking supplements- I tend to get very hot very quickly when walking and to counter act the minerals I lose in my sweat I always take a 500ml Gatorade drink in addition to my water supply. I purchase them direct from Gatorade on line in packs of 10 or 12 and the individual powder sachets make up a 500 drink when water is added. I did the three peaks last weekend - but in a sedate and enjoyable peak a day. We were blessed with lovely hot weather too and I quickly used up my 2ltre bladder and the 500 Gatorade on each of the days. Yes setting off with 2.5ltr was heavy but I soon got used to it.
Good Luck and enjoy. We stayed in the Crown in Horton and contrary to the posts on Trip Advisor found it to be great

Re: Hello , new member

Posted: 01 Aug 2014, 19:01
by geoffdepper
I am a new member and I have just done the challenge on Monday (28/7/14). I had a very hot day for the walk and needed my 3 litres of fluid. Let is a school of thought about bladders v bottles (with bottles it is easier to see what is left), I had my three litres in 5 bottles evenly postioned in my rucksac. I sweat a lot and used the powder SIS Go electrolyte, I took one bottle mixed then the others fresh when I needed it, making only one ltre of plain water. Also I carried on of 5 bottles on a hip belt so it easy to use on the move. The guide is realy good and was of great use. My stopping time on the peakes totalled 29 minutes out of my time of 9.48. I felt that I had a relaxed walk until going down when I 'nervy'.

Re: Hello , new member

Posted: 02 Sep 2014, 13:12
by Daddynt
Hi all, I am undertaking the walk on the 20th Sept. I would be greatfull of the guid which has been refered to above if at all possible. re water, I did the Lykewake walk a couple of months back and the heat was intence. The water consumed was excessive but needed. Thanks for any advise you can provide. Nick