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12 year old wants to do three peaks with me...

Posted: 20 Jun 2014, 16:10
by Gargoyle79
Im doing the three peaks again in july for the 4th time (2nd year running for the Alzheimers Society) and my son wants to join me. Unfortunately he cant do it with the Alzheimers team due to his age, any suggestions for a way round this?! Hes plenty fit enough for the challenge itself but im not sure if im brave enough to go it solo with him, every other time ive been with a few family members (my Great Uncle build the wind breaker wall at the summit of ingleborough, my claim to fame :D ) or with an organised group. Shall i just take him, and tag along to the team doing it, more for guidance of the route than anything?

Re: 12 year old wants to do three peaks with me...

Posted: 20 Jun 2014, 19:51
by mac.hawk
My general advice is that no-one should undertake the challenge on a single adult+minor basis. It's simply a safety issue - if he/she had a problem would you leave him/her to get help and if you had a problem would he/she be able to get help for you? You can't/shouldn't rely on the mobile phone as reception is 'patchy' in places.

I'd also add that whilst anyone else en-route will inevitably help should you or your minor have a problem he/she is, ultimately, your responsibility and be prepared to abandon should he/she (or indeed you) be struggling (jump out points are clearly identified in 'The Guide').

If you take him and 'tag along' to the team doing the challenge it would only be fair that all the 'team' are aware of this and if they're OK with it, I wouldn't particularly see a problem. In my opinion (for what it's worth) I think 12/13 years is around the cut off age I'd take a minor round the route in one go.

If you're looking to be doing it on the 19th July (as indicated on the Alzheimer's website) both the British Heart Foundation & the Red Cross have organised events on that date too so there will be hundred's (yes hundred's) of people attempting the challenge from Horton.

Finally, if you do go please let us on the Forum know how he did, or even better, get him to tell us of his experience - it'd be fantastic to hear what a 12 year old thought of the experience!

Re: 12 year old wants to do three peaks with me...

Posted: 23 Jun 2014, 13:26
by Gargoyle79
great advice there thank you :) we had found a way around it, my Dad is coming up for the weekend too but he doesnt feel up to the full challenge now so we are taking my son, i'm going to start the challenge with the team then my dad and "the boy" are going to meet me at the foot of ingleborough so we can climb that together! Last year I completed it in 10hrs 50min (i REFUSE to say 'just under 11 hours as10 hours 50min sounds so much better!) so im hoping to beat my time, which i thought was great until my dad mention he'd done it in 6 and my Great Uncle had done it in FOUR :o :o :o talk about stealing my thunder haha!