Yorkshire 3 Peaks Advice Needed

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Yorkshire 3 Peaks Advice Needed

Post by lawrargh1 » 14 Jun 2014, 13:44

Hi there,

I am organising for a group of around ten people to take part in the yorkshire 3 peaks the 1st weekend in September. Any advice on organising this would be much appreciated - for example, will it be worthwhile getting a guide? ...and if so, would anybody be able to recommend somone? As we're doing this for charity we'd like to keep the costs down as much as possible.

Thank you in advance - any advice is much appreciated!

Best regards,


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Re: Yorkshire 3 Peaks Advice Needed

Post by mac.hawk » 14 Jun 2014, 22:29

The subject of do I need/where can I get a guide keeps reappearing and the answer is that if you can read a map, follow the instructions set out in 'The Guide' and use the surfaced route that now avoids 'The Bog' - you do not need a guide in person to get you round.

The route is adequately waymarked, admittedly not everywhere is waymarked 'Yorkshire 3 Peaks' but all the RoW footpaths are indicated as such and where/if there is any ambiguity 'The Guide' gives detailed advice of which route to follow. 'The Guide' is regularly updated, the latest update following my re-walk of the entire route last Saturday (7th June 2014) and will be updated again if needed between now and September. It is updated so frequently (usually on a monthly basis) because, whilst the route(s) does not change, the YDNPA's frequent maintenance on the route does - stiles change to gates, routes gets resurfaced, signage improves or deteriorates etc.

If you really do feel the need to be taken around the route by a 'guide' you need to quantify just what you expect in a 'guide'. A qualified mountain guide or hill and moorland leader will have first aid qualifications, insurance (for themselves and your group), experience of leading groups in a variety of terrains etc, etc - but it will cost.

If you're looking for an enthusiastic individual to guide you round the route you may get lucky - but you (as a group) will have to accept the limitations of that - perhaps no first aid qualification, insurance etc.

If you do go with an 'enthusiastic individual' I would suggest it only be fair to at least offer to cover the cost of their travel expenses.

'The Guide' gives a large amount of general advice but for more specific advice for your group you need to give details (either via the forum or via email at mac.hawk@ntl.world.com) of age ranges, experience, fitness etc.

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