Fear of heights

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Fear of heights

Post by Jennie77 » 07 Jun 2014, 07:38

I am looking to take part in a Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge with my work colleagues, however I have a fear of heights.

Are their any "hairy" bits along the route?

It is my intention to attempt at least one of the peaks before our challenge in August, so if one has more "hairy" sections I'd probably attempt this in advance. I don't want to get to the challenge day & freeze with fear & hold the group up ;)

Any advise would be great.

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Re: Fear of heights

Post by Farcelt » 07 Jun 2014, 10:43

If tackling the route anti-clockwise from Horton you face the ascent with the probably the most severe "scramble" on the final rock section of Penyghent where some walkers do need to use their hands in order to get up and over a short section of largish rocks but it is a short pull and then onto a gentle upward path to the summit. Whernside is a longer but steady ascent with a steepish rocky descent where care is needed on some sections of loose rock although a lot of stone flags have recently been laid over the worst sections. Ingleborough being the last peak with tiredness obviously setting in can be a tough one. It has a 300m or so steep rocky path which gains height rapidly then a couple of false summits before reaching the plateau. This section seems worse coming down than going up, my advice for anyone without a head for heights is to keep going and do not look down, but do not worry unduly, I have done the 3 Peaks plus single ascents more times than I can remember and have very rarely come across anyone in difficulty.
Hope you are successful, Good Luck.............

three peaks
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Re: Fear of heights

Post by three peaks » 07 Jun 2014, 11:36

It depends what kind of phobia you have. Its not like some walks you could do that scare people who didn't realise they were afraid of heights. Mostly the walk feels safe from falling.

I'm not particularly afraid of heights other than a healthy fear of falling. Personally the steps up to Ingleborough are worst as I slipped on there once in winter and ended up sliding down more of the steps than I would have liked.
But the summit ridge of Whernside is reasonably narrow and I would guess it might be the worst to stand on top of if you have a phobia.


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Re: Fear of heights

Post by mac.hawk » 07 Jun 2014, 23:00

I have a friend with a fear of heights who managed to ascend PyG via 'the nose' (from Horton) in heavy mist as she couldn't see the 'drop' to the right. The immediate descent back into Horton along the Pennine Way unnerved her too but the mist also helped to control her discomfort.

In more favourable weather conditions (well to most people - perhaps not her), she ascended Whernside from Ribblehead, got as far as the wall south of Knoutberry Hill and couldn't 'face' the drop on the left and had to return the way she came to Ribblehead.

Today, I had a walking colleague who ascended Whernside (in decent visibility) who was somewhat unnerved on the hill plateau but managed with help, she also needed help on the Whernside 'staircase' descent and really struggled from halfway up the Ingleborough staircase and had to be helped/cajoled to get to Swine Tail - I never even considered the final ascent to the Ingleborough plateau as she was quite distressed.

As Three Peaks implies, I thinks it depends on your particular fear and I'm not sure anyone without some sort of expertise in these matters can give a hard and fast answer to the question.

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