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GPS Way points

Posted: 27 Jul 2011, 22:32
by philberto
Hi Guys,
Looking for a little help,
I am due to complete the 3 peaks walk on the 14th september, but i have never done it before.
I have a garmin etrex H GPS system, and i was wondering if anyone has the waypoints to enable me to put the route into my GPS. I will be taking a map and compass but thought it would be easier with a GPS.

Help much appreciated,

Re: GPS Way points

Posted: 04 Aug 2011, 18:54
by three peaks
To be honest I'm not a GPS user. But heres a few links that might be among the more reliable.

and a couple of paid ones: ... Yorkshire)

I wouldn't worry too much though. There tends to be plenty of people to follow, and if the mist does come down I personally think theres no substitute for a map and a bit of planning.

Re: GPS Way points

Posted: 19 Jan 2013, 19:42
by mac.hawk
The latest revision of the guide (April 2013) includes OS reference points which should be usable to most (all?) GPS users.