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Horton Moor

Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 20:26
by Hansbury
Can anybody tell me the state of the track across Horton Moor. Is the track well defined and fairly dry at the moment.

Attempting the walk this weekend (Sunday 1st May 2011). If Horton Moor is in bad condition then I will change our route to go over Whitber Hill and Sell Gile Hill but would prefer to go over the stepping stones at Hull Pot Beck.

Thought Horton Moor maybe fairly dry at the moment with the lack of rain. Has anyone walked it in the past week.

Thanks Roger

Re: Horton Moor

Posted: 30 Apr 2011, 22:06
by admin
Yes, its very dry at the moment, but theres a strong wind so be careful on the tops.

Re: Horton Moor

Posted: 03 May 2011, 17:38
by Hansbury
Completed the walk in 9hours 24 minutes. Horton Moor was very dry but as advised it was very hard at times to stay on our feet at the tops because of the strong winds. Very enjoyable walk with fantastic veiws (we may have been lucky with the weather). Even managed to see a train go over the viaduct (although not steam). Because of the dry weather did not see any of the waterfalls. A most enjoyable day which I would recommend anyone to take up the challenge.

The only disapointing point was that I did not need to use the map or compast as there was so many people attempting the route. Just before we started at 7.15am a group of 400 started before us. All you could see on the ascent of Pen-y-Ghent was people. It also coased problems at the styles. I believe that this group should have been split into maybe groups of 25 and set of at 5 or 10 minute intervals. Maybe a thought for any other group leaders.

Thanks for your advice and help