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well done Ian smith

Posted: 24 Aug 2013, 21:54
by werzmeshirt
Thank you Ian, great day, fantastic effort by your team today. Challenging muddy area's but the weather was kind, Dom put in a stunning effort and managed a great time even carrying a injured foot half way round getting home in under 8 hrs. we all have are stories i was on my backside twice but unlike Ian no blood thankfully. chris and Sharlot finnished like a train. It was a bit to much for one or two. they dont come much tougher challenges so no worries still a fine attempt. Hope Sams cancer charity makes loads of cash through the campaign.It was great to see Sam at the cafe to welcome us home. Good luck to all three peak'ers, am just having a stiff one if you know what i mean.....even my eye brows are acheing. God bless from Steve