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Re: Doing it together?

Post by hennypenny » 18 Aug 2013, 09:23

Thanks Martin. Yes, I meant Old Ing (not Inn). I'm sure I passed Nether Lodge, but never saw Lodge Hall. My problem is not sticking to one guide. Just before you sent me your guide, I bought Paul Shorrock's Guide from Amazon. Having studied both guides, I have concluded yours is better. Have you thought about writing a guide book with loads more pictures? Paul Shorrock's guide suggested going under the viaduct, but I followed yours and walked along the side of the viaduct. Thanks again for your help. We are still in a lot of pain, especially coming stairs. I've still not heard from the Pen-y-Ghent cafe regarding our certificates. I'd left my email and address.

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Re: Doing it together?

Post by mac.hawk » 18 Aug 2013, 20:23

Thanks Henry

The problem with adding pictures (and I have plenty) to the guide is that it massively increases the file size when emailed, the website administrator is currently working on uploading 'The Guide' onto the 3Peaks website and maybe we can upload pictures onto this version. I'm committed to my guide being free and if that means there are limitations, so be it. I may have a go over the winter at trying to incorporate pictures and keep the file size down.

I'm not familiar with John's book but it appears it was initially published in 2010 and whilst I am not making any comment whatsoever relating to the quality of John's guide (it has had many good reviews) 'The Guide' is updated on a monthly basis, not only from my experience but from people who have used it and made comment or suggestions (e.g. yours r.e. painkillers for example).

Not knowing John's guide (and I will look in the local book store or library) but I can't imagine why you would go under the viaduct at Ribblehead unless you were using the (very) old and unsupported route 300 yards south west of Winterscales Farm to ascend Whernside. This route is not for the faint hearted as it is un-waymarked, no longer on anything that looks like some sort of footpath (although following the stream/gulley heads you in the right direction) and the final ascent is incredibly steep up wooden 'steppings' that are now all but rotten and totally unreliable - I, and I'm sure the YDNPA, wouldn't recommend using this route.

Also, in my opinion, the effort made in climbing the old route displaces the time you save (you might get up 20 minutes quicker but the energy spent in doing so will be detracted later in the route).

Aches and pains, oooooooh, all us lesser mortals have been there and emphasize. The pain does go away, used to take 2 or 3 days but nowadays it's the best part of a week!

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