Walking boots

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Walking boots

Post by hennypenny » 25 Jul 2013, 12:02

I'm looking for a pair of walking boots for my 13 year old son. We've going to do the 3 peaks when the weather is fine, so having water proof boots are not essential. I've just bought him the HiTec Sierra Trek WP (leather) and even though it is supposed to be light weight, both boots weigh over 1.1 kg. Is that going to be too heavy for him? He does find them very snug & comfortable.

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Re: Walking boots

Post by three peaks » 25 Jul 2013, 19:28

Boots are quite heavy, though I've never weighed mine. 1kg each does sound quite heavy.

Probably the most important thing is to get them well worn in. Not just tramping round the house, but a few walks of a few miles with a bit of ascent and descent. That breaks the leather in and will tell you if theres a problem.

You say water proof is not essential in good weather. But remember the ground stays wet for a long time after rain. Wet socks mean blisters. If the ones you have are leather then some boot wax is all you need.

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Re: Walking boots

Post by hennypenny » 25 Jul 2013, 21:42

Both boots are just over 1.1 kg. He's been wearing them everywhere, but says they're already very comfortable.

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Re: Walking boots

Post by mac.hawk » 26 Jul 2013, 21:24

I've just weighed my boots (my wife looked at me as if I was mad) with the following results.

I have 4 pairs.

Winter wet (leather): 0.836kg
Winter not so wet (leather): 0.733kg
Summer wet (fabric): 0.679kg
Summer not so wet (fabric): 0.5kg

Weights are per single boot.

All are adult size 9, all do include replacement shock resistant insoles that might add milligrams or so to the original weight

There is no way whatsoever I would contemplate using my 'Winter wet' boots to tackle the 3 Peaks, these are thick leather boots with a steel toecap and brilliant for what they are and I could, in all probability, get round using them within the 12 hours but my legs would be 'dead' for the rest of the week.

If, like last year, the spring/summer/autumn conditions were very wet I would probably use my Winter not so wet (leather) boots (as I did in my September effort last year), if the conditions are dry (as they are at the moment) I'd opt for the 'Summer not so wet' boots.

But of course this is all based on an adult.

Do you mean that each boot weigh's 1.1 kg? If so, he should certainly not use these boots on the challenge as they will be far, far too heavy.

I've looked at the Hi-Tec website and it gives no indication of the weight of their boots.

An alternative is the Berghaus range but the website, whilst including the weight of the boot, doesn't make it really clear whether this refers to each boot or a pair.

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Re: Walking boots

Post by Thoufamun21 » 20 Dec 2013, 06:08

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