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Just how fit do you need to be ??

Posted: 01 Jul 2010, 13:44
by Rob
Hi 3 peaks

I'm thinking of doing the walk, but wondering just how fit you need to be ?

I've never done any serious walking before - is it OK as a 'ramble' in a pair of trainers, or do I really need all the 'kit' ?


Re: Just how fit do you need to be ??

Posted: 01 Jul 2010, 14:13
by three peaks
You need to be healthy rather than fit. Most people with an average level of fitness can complete the walk. Many are not normally sporty people and manage fine. But it is a long way, and the more preparation you can do the better, and will reduce the risk of injury.

You don't need much kit. But I would say walking boots or shoes are essential. Trainers don't really protect your feet from the rocks. Also essential are waterproof jack & trousers, clothing appropriate for the time of year, map, compass, water, food and a torch - incase you are late back.

A single day, even in spring/summer can throw all sorts of weather at you.

Re: Just how fit do you need to be ??

Posted: 01 Jul 2010, 14:21
by Rob
Hey - thanks for the quick reply. :)

I'll try a few local walks first then, to increase my fitness, before heading up your way.

Re: Just how fit do you need to be ??

Posted: 20 Oct 2010, 14:45
by splinter
I am 57yrs old and my wife 52,we do a fare bit of walking but nothing on this scale,prior to doing the challenge we came down a fortnight earlier and did whernside on the friday and ingleborough on the saturday just to give us a feel for it,which i found realy helped,at least we new partly what to expect,and part of the route.We learned a lesson from the whernside walk,half way up the weather changed for the worse in a matter of minutes and had torrential rain,we completed the walk but were soaked,so go prepared for the worse.As for the challenge we completed it within the twelve hours although quite weary towards the end and starting to loose daylight,we should have done it at a better time of year with longer daylight hours and a chance of better weather.Completed walk on 15/10/10