The 3 Peaks Challenge in hot weather

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The 3 Peaks Challenge in hot weather

Post by Anth2513 » 09 Jul 2013, 13:39

Good afternoon

My self and some friends are looking to take part it the 3 Peaks Challenge for the first time on Monday the 15th July.
I am getting a bit concerned about the adverse weather we are currently experiencing. I have been up there a lot over the past few months but its never been this warm.
If any one has any advise of taking part in this challenge in the heat I would be very great full.
Thank you

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Re: The 3 Peaks Challenge in hot weather

Post by admin » 10 Jul 2013, 00:52

Read up on about heat stroke before you set off and make sure everyone knows what to do.
Take as much water as you can, or plan to buy some en-route.
Hat, suncream, mobile, cave rescue number.
Stop at regular intervals, and before each ascent to check everyone. Make a conscious decision if to proceed - don't be scared to stop, and don't cajole your mates.

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Re: The 3 Peaks Challenge in hot weather

Post by mac.hawk » 10 Jul 2013, 20:15

The NHS Choices website has sections with a load of advice on Heatstroke/Heat Exhaustion ... ction.aspx
Dehydration ... ction.aspx
and Sunburn ... ction.aspx

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