worried about managing the walk..

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worried about managing the walk..

Post by beverleyG » 24 Jun 2010, 20:14

hi, i am in my mid-50's and have been persuaded to take part in this challenge - against my better judgement!
i am reasonably fit i guess, i enjoy weekend rambles but am not used to longer uphill hikes. Have I taken on too much? How tough is the walk? I am doing it for charity so said yes without thinking it through! Can I manage it? How can I prepare myself, and how much water will i need to carry with me?
I'm grateful for any advice you can offer me
Great that there is a forum for this

three peaks
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Re: worried about managing the walk..

Post by three peaks » 25 Jun 2010, 13:13

The main difficulty with the walk is the distance, at around 25miles long. If you can manage this distance on flat terrain, the 3 peaks is only is a little extra effort. The climb is about 5000ft in total, but this is obviously spread around all 3 of the peaks - so you climb at different points in the day.

If you are on a charity walk, many of the larger organisations provide water at certain stopping off points. If not, how much you need will be dependant on the weather on the day.

Preparation - is a big topic, but obviously as much walking as you can do, building up the distance gradually. Also make sure your boots and socks are well broken in.

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