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Post by ruth23 » 21 Jun 2010, 21:41

I have been reading about these 'walking sandals'. They sound a good idea, being lightweight and allowing air into the foot. Sounds a lot cooler than other footwear.
But are they suitable for a long distance walk such as the 3 peaks?

three peaks
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Re: Footwear

Post by three peaks » 22 Jun 2010, 12:57

Personal opinion - I would say not.
The 3peaks can get boggy and wet in places, and this would obviously get to your feet in sandals. I could cause rubbing and lead onto blisters.
I prefer waterproof boots, and a good pair of socks - or sometimes 2 pairs with a small inner sock to allow the socks to rub together and not to rub against my feet.

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Re: Footwear

Post by BalDrick » 31 Mar 2011, 10:05

I'm thinking of bringing my jogging trainers to wear on the flat bits and walking boots to walk up and down hills - they're pretty heavy whereas my trainers - albeit not waterproof - are really comfortable. Has anyone else done this? Or even done the whole thing in trainers (proper trainers, not the type of thing people wear as casual shoes I hasten to add)? I understand the sensible thing is to wear walking boots obviously, but if people run this course, they must be wearing trainers surely?

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Re: Footwear

Post by admin » 05 Apr 2011, 16:26

As you say the runners do it in trainers. I'd suggest changing footwear is a bad idea - its an endurance challenge and you don't want to be stopping to do this. If the weather is really good you might be ok in trainers, but for me boots are best every time.

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