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by three peaks
24 Aug 2010, 11:05
Forum: 3 Peaks Challenge
Topic: How boggy is the bog?
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Re: How boggy is the bog?

Black dub moss, after you have come off Pen-y-ghent. If you came last year I imagine you have already seen it bad and probably worse than it is at the moment, as there was a lot of rain last year (depending on the timing of your visit). I was on Whernside at the weekend, and met an unfortunate three...
by three peaks
21 Jul 2010, 10:26
Forum: 3 Peaks Challenge
Topic: Route Change ?
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Re: Route Change ?

There is no 'official' route and it is not signposted as the 3peaks route only as the individual footpaths you are on. So the route cannot be changed as such except by close of a public right of way. This would be done by the national park and I am not aware of a section being closed [at time of wri...
by three peaks
08 Jul 2010, 17:00
Forum: Walking
Topic: Most Scenic Routes for Photography
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Re: Most Scenic Routes for Photography

The Ingleton Waterfalls walk, or Southerscales nature reserve are good choices. As are walks around the ribblehead viaduct - though it might be hard to get an angle thats not been done 1million times already. Or if you want a real challenge, try and get so...
by three peaks
01 Jul 2010, 14:13
Forum: 3 Peaks Challenge
Topic: Just how fit do you need to be ??
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Re: Just how fit do you need to be ??

You need to be healthy rather than fit. Most people with an average level of fitness can complete the walk. Many are not normally sporty people and manage fine. But it is a long way, and the more preparation you can do the better, and will reduce the risk of injury. You don't need much kit. But I wo...
by three peaks
30 Jun 2010, 23:24
Forum: Accommodation
Topic: Nostalgia for Static Caravans
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Re: Nostalgia for Static Caravans

Please check our accommodation page...
by three peaks
25 Jun 2010, 13:13
Forum: 3 Peaks Challenge
Topic: worried about managing the walk..
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Re: worried about managing the walk..

The main difficulty with the walk is the distance, at around 25miles long. If you can manage this distance on flat terrain, the 3 peaks is only is a little extra effort. The climb is about 5000ft in total, but this is obviously spread around all 3 of the peaks - so you climb at different points in t...
by three peaks
22 Jun 2010, 12:57
Forum: 3 Peaks Challenge
Topic: Footwear
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Re: Footwear

Personal opinion - I would say not. The 3peaks can get boggy and wet in places, and this would obviously get to your feet in sandals. I could cause rubbing and lead onto blisters. I prefer waterproof boots, and a good pair of socks - or sometimes 2 pairs with a small inner sock to allow the socks to...
by three peaks
15 Jun 2010, 00:21
Forum: 3 Peaks Challenge
Topic: Parking
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Re: Parking

If you start from Horton-in-Ribblesdale there is a pay and display car park in the village.

Starting from Chapel-le-Dale, there are several laybys close to the Old Hill Inn.

At Ribblehead, there is the railway station and also laybys close by.
by three peaks
14 Jun 2010, 19:47
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Childrens Activities
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Re: Childrens Activities

There are a few show caves worth a visit:

or a trip on the railway, especially is your trip co-incides with the steam trains: