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by bonegasser
16 Jul 2014, 09:20
Forum: 3 Peaks Challenge
Topic: Litter
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Re: Litter

For most of the year I think the Park Authority are quite correct in not providing bins for the reasons they state. However, on occasions such as this coming weekend, when hundreds of people are on the hills, their position might merit a rethink. Alternatives would include asking each charity to equ...
by bonegasser
13 May 2012, 22:57
Forum: 3 Peaks Challenge
Topic: How boggy is the bog?
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Re: How boggy is the bog?

Did my annual 3 peaks on friday (11th May) and had originally intended to avoid the bog altogether but for some inexplicable reason decided to plough straight through it. Ended up over waist deep in porridge having to use the tussock grass to pull myself out. Wet, but a little wiser. Next year I'm g...